How the Next Decade Technology Trends will Influence Industries

Next Decade is ushering in rapidly and one can see the drastic changes being made in the IT sector as the work has shifted from manual to automation. Most of the R&D is carried on by the engineers in order to make the work easier and for the seamless working of the projects. The companies with the leading edge technologies can lead themselves in the competition and stay ahead of their competitors. Here are some of the technology changes that the world will look out for in the coming years and will be benefited from it.


Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet has connected us globally, and everything is possible with the usage of the IoT as people can use it on every device, whether PC, Laptop or mobile devices. The transition to IPv6 has also ushered in limitless connectivity. Even it can be used with power up sensor networks that are based on the standards like Z-wave, Zigbee, and 6LoWPAN.


Cloud Related Services

Cloud hosting will be gaining momentum in the coming years as companies find it secure and sound if patched up with right devices. IT buyers have given the first place to the E-mail hosting in comparison to the web hosting. According to an estimate, the cloud computing will top the chart with the change in technology and much money will be spent by the IT giants.


Rise of Social Networking

The social networking and marketing have already made its mark in the present-day as they have the power to change the mindset of the people and many people can witness a cultural change as well. The onset of many companies to promote their products and services through social media marketing is on the rise, and they are reaching to the target audiences on the global platform too. It is seen that the capture, dissemination, and consumption of the online events are going from the near time to the real time events.


Witnessing of Physical and Digital Integration

People will also look forward to the digital and physical integration in the next era, as people nowadays prefer to purchase the products online. With the influx of modern technology, people can buy the products from digital markets with the usage of their mobile devices. However, rising up to the next level the digital and physical integration will be done as people will be able to experience the real-time retail outlets.


Adaptive Security Architecture

In the Internet of Things, it becomes compulsory to possess the robust security architecture that will help in the introduction of the digital mesh and modern technological platforms. In this, the security needs to become flexible and fluid in order to provide enterprise solution and strong architecture too. The usage of multilayered security and the entity behavior analytics will become a mandatory requirement.



The modern technological changes will help the industries to get ahead in the competition and secure the position within the market. The latest trends will make the work easier, and the user will like to use the products and services of your brand.

Web Hosting and Technology Impact on IT industries

It is amazing to see that every new decade has something fresh in its fold in the IT industry as every day something innovative is being developed and designed. The IT engineers are devising a contemporary language, modern platform and much more. However, the businesses can only be developed if they adopt newer technology and use the other aspects like domains, web hosting, etc. that will help them to stay ahead in the online competition. The companies can have leveraged the different technologies that will help to reach their target audiences.


Impact of Technology

Technological marvels help the industries to grow and develop as they help them to get a good return on investments. Here are some of the latest trends that the IT companies are going to witness in next year’s technology:

  • Usage of AR and VR: The Augment and Virtual Reality have also made its place in the market. The introduction of many apps and games using the AR and VR technology has helped the IT industry to develop more seamless technologies on its basis.
  • Machine Learning: Google’s search engine algorithm has enhanced the machine learning. The users can enter the information about any of the products with the help of the analytics app. In the year 2017, the artificial intelligence will be making its way so the machine learning will become normal for users.
  • Automation: The automation process will help the humans to get their work done with ease, and the companies can get the leap into the practical articles. Even with the combination of automation process and machine learning this will truly become a landmark in the coming years.
  • Security Concerns: With the introduction of Internet of Things (IoT) and AI technologies the security concerns will rise up for the ITB companies. As they think about the introduction of unpatched IoT devices, there may be a security gap in the network.

Influence of Web hosting

The industries or service providers offer web hosting to the companies can also witness a change in the coming year. They have to update themselves in order to stay ahead in the competition. Here are some of the trendsetters in this area:

  • Unlimited Space: Presently, the unrestricted data became the reality where the hosting companies offer infinite disk space, E-mail and data transfers. With this, the companies do not have to worry about the megabytes they have to use and rather concentrate their energy on online challenges.
  • Linux Hosting Support: There are lesser security issues that are seen witnessed in the Linux hosting than in the Windows hosting. Even the WordPress blogging software run on Linux and its hosting is currently higher in demand by the IT industries.
  • Web Hosting Security: Security for the web hosting is must, as it will lead in the IT industries forever. Even though IT companies have started moving their data to the cloud but still cyber threats can be witnessed.


Lastly, there can be many latest changes that will be witnessed in technology and hosting in the coming year as many more trends will definitely influence the IT companies. Even network redesigning, cloud applications, usage of nomadic devices, etc. will also influence the hosting and technological outlook of IT companies.